Constipated Baby.

Since my milk supply vanished last week, Jorai has developed a terrible diaper rash and constipation. I nursed the babies for the last time last Sunday and did so with tears. I simply couldn't accept that this might be the very last time I breastfeed babies? I sat there watching and soaking in every last moment of them at my breast.

Am I weird? Tell me I'm not alone in this.

I've tried water in the bottle, diluted 100% apple juice and given her extra formula bottles, but Jorai is still constipated. I was using Desitin, but this did nothing for her rash. I switched to A+D and this seems to be helping.

Any tips or ideas for helping Jorai poop? I'm open for any and all--even strange ones. I need your help because I don't think I'll get a call back from the doctor on the weekend.

Edited to add: 12:44pm, Monday. Jorai pooped! The consistency is still dry, but not as bad. I am continuing with prunes and extra water. I have discontinued rice cereal for the time being. I do think apple juice may have caused a yeasty, diaper rash. No more apple juice for now. Diaper rash is remarkably better! You guys are awesome.