Twins @ 6 Months!

Dear Twins,

Six months feels like a big milestone. Yay! You're half a year old! Someone told me that in Mexico they celebrate half-birthdays with a half cake. That sounds like fun to me--except, you don't eat sweets yet and instead of cake you're getting shots. I know. Not fair. At least you have a big sister who loves you madly:
This has been a big month for you two. Jasiel rolled from her tummy to her back. Jorai did the same thing a week later. Last week you both rolled from back to tummy. You're also grabbing at toys and putting everything in your mouths. You both like to gnaw on a cloth diaper so sometimes if we're out for a morning walk, I stick a cloth diaper in your hands and you contentedly drool, gnaw and suck on the diaper. Daddy says I'm priming you to need blankies. I say it buys me a few minutes of peace.
I started you on rice cereal last week. That was a hoot. Jasie vacuumed it down like, I get breastmilk AND this? THIS TOTALLY ROCKS! Jorie, you were positively disgusted and spat out every single bite for two days. On the third day you reluctantly swallowed a bit and then continued to howl in protest. Please don't be a picky eater. We already have one of those in this house.
This month you both belly-laughed for the first time. I was having a rough morning: tired, worried about our house not selling. Jude was dancing around in front of me while I held Jasie. Suddenly, Jasie, you burst into laughter. Real, bubbling, glorious laughter. I picked Jorie up and both of you laughed and laughed as your brother danced around the room. Pretty soon I was laughing, too. Baby laughter is the best kind of contagious.

I was reminded again that the days are long, but the years are short. The half-years are even shorter.

Happy Half Birthday, Babies!