O Happy Day!

I open the door and shriek. My sister! My sister! My dearest, cutest, bestest, wittle SHWEEETIE is HERE!
I burst into song as I am wont to do. She chuckles at me, like always. The kids stand around and roll their eyes 'cuz there goes crazy mom again. I chortle out an ode to her abundant, unequaled merits.

The song ends with me cursing (not really) the wretched fact that soon she will leave me and return to that godforsaken place 2,000 miles away. No offense to my Mid-West readers. BUT YOU CANNOT KEEP HER, OK?

Last time she was here we scarcely saw each other. This time? Oh, this time is going to be different. We have plans. Big, big plans. Like: sitting and talking. And watching our eight children run amok.

Someone asked me why my sister and I are so close. I can think of three reasons: 1. We grew up without TV---this meant we played together. It also meant we had to work out our differences. Daily. 2. Our mom encouraged closeness by not allowing us to stay angry with each other; we always made up after a disagreement; 3. We trusted each other.

She might come up with better reasons. Little sisters always do. And she also says I may not take credit for her jokes. So there.

Here she is with Jasie who has just discovered a new toy: her very own toes.

It's going to be a very good weekend.