You Are A Recovering Evangelical If....

1. you ever felt guilty about not sharing the Gospel with the guy sitting next to you on the plane. After all, you might be the very last Christian he ever meets before dying.

2. you keep large quantities of emergency supplies on hand--not for emergencies, but in the event that Jesus returns or the rapture occurs.

3. you thought Y2K was the beginning of The End and/or you built a bunker, replaced the rose garden with drums of gasoline and bought a bike with a basket.

4. you were baptized as a consenting adult (not a baby!) anywhere but at church. This includes, but is not limited to an ocean, lake, river, swimming pool or in a pinch, Brother so-and-so's bath-tub.

5. read Hal Lindsey's book "Late, Great Planet Earth."

6. thought Jesus was returning in 1988.

7. had nightmares about being Left Behind.

8. own the entire set of the the Left Behind books.

9. you don't believe in Saints, but you do believe in saints.

10. you thought R-rated movies were sinful. Except for Braveheart & The Matrix.

can you add to this list? please do so!