Encouragement For Young Moms.


Maybe you're struggling with one child or overwhelmed with two. Perhaps you feel lonely, discouraged---even truly depressed.

I understand. I've been there, too. I found an old journal from 2000. I had written things like: "I can't imagine having more than one child! I'm so overwhelmed and discouraged."

I was 22, and "too young" to be having babies (or so people told me).  It would have been so easy to give up. Indeed, it would have been the most logical choice.

"The problem of life is not to make life easier, but to make men stronger." --David Starr Jordan

It doesn't get easier. But as you find your strength in Christ, you WILL grow stronger. And it does get better. So, so much better.

I'm going to tell you something I desperately needed to hear when Jewel was a baby: you're doing great, you're going to be OK, don't give up!

One day you will look at your children and marvel. Hang on to Jesus. He will get you there.

[pic: Jewel (my first baby) with Jasiel (my most recent baby)]