Is Christ Enough?

A question that has been nagging at me is this: do I love Christ for Who He is?

Jesus didn't die to make me feel good or to help me "Live My Best Life Now." This is a very small view of my Savior. Indeed, it's a perspective that springs from self-love.

Jonathan Edwards writes: "..the exercises of true and holy love in the saints arise...[when] they first see that God is lovely, and that Christ is excellent and glorious, and their hearts are first captivated with this view...the affections begin with God; and self-love has a hand in these affections consequentially and secondarily only." (p. 173, The Religious Affections), emphasis mine

Whenever I begin to feel restless or discontent, I am prone to pray for inspiration, a lessening of the burden, fresh movement of the Spirit. But again, these are all self-centered concerns. They are about ME not HIM.

Edwards again: "Self-love...may be the foundation of a sort of love to God...aris[ing] from a false notion of though He were only goodness and mercy, and not revenging justice...Men on such grounds as these may love a God of their own forming in the their imaginations, when they are far from loving such a God as reigns in heaven." (p.170, The Religious Affections)

I understand this and I want to love Christ in this way, for Who He is. But I'm stuck. I don't know how this looks, practically speaking.

Any ideas?