McCain/Palin: How The Libs Are Gonna Whine!

I'm no prophettess, but here are my predictions on how the libs are gonna whine about Sarah Palin and how McCain oughta respond:

1. She's Inexperienced!
    You mean, like Obama? And he's the one running for President.

2. She's a Woman!
    'Cuz being a woman is a liability only if you're conservative.

3. She's From Alaska!
    And Bill Clinton was from...Arkansas.

4. She Has Five Kids---that's global warming in action!
    And I guess Al Gore's energy-gobbling mansion doesn't count because he buys carbon credits?

5. She's Pro-Life, she might want to overturn Roe v. Wade!
    Scary, isn't it? She actually lets her babies live---even the "imperfect" ones. Tremble in your boots, libs.

6. Mothers Have No Right Serving in Public Office.
Except if you're Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi.

7. She Shoots A Real Gun!
    Because we all know "using your words" is more effective when hunting moose.

8. She Doesn't Wear a Pant-Suit!
    How dare she? And she probably doesn't burn bras, either---she wears them!

9. She Was Runner-Up To Miss Alaska!
    Because being smart AND beautiful is what? Unconstitutional?

10. Her Son Is Fighting In A Morally Objectionable War!
    And fighting for your right to say so.