A Rush To Judgment?

I like election years. They force me to re-think and re-evaluate my political beliefs.

This year I am beginning to think I have erred. I have magnified one issue (abortion) to the exclusion of all else. And while I will always consider abortion an abomination; do I hold as equally sacred those lives already born?

What about the soldiers who have given their lives in this confusing war?  If I vote for another Republican President only because he is pro-life, am I saying that those who die in this war are less important than those who may be aborted?

These are sobering considerations because I take my voting privilege seriously. Perhaps I have been too swift to dismiss Sen. Barack Obama. I haven't researched his positions thoroughly, I haven't read his book, I haven't read the interviews. All I've done is check his abortion position. Pro-choice? Forget him!

I think I've fallen prey to the fear-mongering. I've others do my thinking for me. I've substituted intelligent thought for meaningless cliches. I mis-characterized Sen. Obama  here by taking his words out of context and misjudging his positions. I came to this conclusion after reading this: Matthew 25 Network.

My rush to judgment was unfair to Sen. Obama, to myself and to my children.

I don't know how I'll vote this November. I do know that I'm committed to the journey. I hope you'll join me---even if you disagree.

Are you considering voting for Sen. Obama? Which issues are important to you? How do you decide whom to vote for?