The Twins @ 8 Months!

Dear Jorai,
You are a vigorous, inquisitive soul. You love being set loose on the floor of your new bedroom to crawl around. Sometimes I set up "races" between you & Jasiel. You almost always win. You started cutting your first tooth this month. You're a little more fussy than usual. You also discovered that if you whack your hand against a bare floor it makes noise. This delights you so much that you whack-whack-whack and look around for me as if to say, isn't this the best thing EVER? I see a music career in your future, my little percussionist. You like to try new toys, new experiences and new sights. But you don't like new foods. You smile at strangers, stare intently at the trees rustling in the wind and laugh uproariously when Jude dances for you. This month you started sleeping from 7pm-5:30 am. Yay! I love you, Jorie! You are such a fun, happy baby.
Love, Mama.
Dear Jasiel,
You are a sensitive, gentle baby. You've decided that strangers=bad. When someone new smiles down at you and says hello, you stare at them very intently, then puff out your bottom lip and burst into tears. However, when you recognize someone you know, you reward them with the biggest, sweetest smile. You are most content perched closely on Mama's hip. I wish I could carry you around all day. You are easily startled and don't like surprises. You're not even sure about the whole peek-a-boo thing. You are a little more needy than Jorie and have started to scream when I don't attend to you immediately. You are adventurous when it comes to food and are willing to try anything. You are eating organic veggies and you suck 'em all down. You are still sleeping lightly at night, but are almost matching Jorie hour-for-hour. I love you, my sensitive, sweet baby girl.
Love, Mama