Dancing With The Stars: Week 2

If you're feeling sad, just go watch Warren Sapp dance. Seriously, you will feel so much better!

When's the last time you saw a 300 lb. NFL player whip across the stage, his feet flashing like lightening? It's stunning! He's a real man who's not afraid to shake what his Mama gave him. And he's actually good at it! I'm thrilled he's staying another week. To the FINALS, baby!

Thank goodness his was one of the last dances because I had been gagging over the Lance Bass dance/kiss. BLECH! Len Goodman agreed with me, of course. He even called Lance an "old sausage!" I have no idea what that means, but I still laughed. Is "old sausage" an English thing?

Kim Kardashian proved AGAIN that she can't dance. Her hips were as frozen as mine. After 6 weeks of bedrest! She deserved to go home. I have to say I was surprised--I thought for sure voters would toss the old girl, Cloris Leachman.

Cloris cracks me up. Her partner can never get a word in edgewise! She has enough spunk to run the whole show. I hope I have that much energy at 82. Cloris might just become my second favorite.

The Jessica Simpson appearance was annoying. Like why does she make out with the microphone? BLECH! Matt thinks the only reason people still let her sing publicly is because she's dating Tony Romo. And also, ABC needs to make money with promo tie-ins.

Yep, my husband watches DWTS with me. We like to keep up a running commentary during the show. Fun stuff.

Annnnd..that's a wrap on my recap!

[Did your fave move on? Who do you think danced the best? Are you actually voting? Please share!]

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