Geyser Poop.

"Mommy, Jasie threw up in her crib," Jude tells me. "And it STINKS!"

I walk into the living room to investigate. It's not puke. It's poop. And it's everywhere.

So much for leak-proof diapers. THANKS a LOT, Huggies.

Jasie couldn't be happier. She's rolling, smearing and kicking around in it like: Look, Mom, a new toy!

All I can think is: Holy crap-tastrophe. This is EXACTLY what I needed 20 minutes before dinner.

I scrap the muck into a blanket, bundle up the whole lot (including defiled toys) and take it to the washing machine.

The watery poops have continued. A couple months ago, Jorai was constipated. Now, I'm dealing with a geyser pooping Jasiel. Any ideas on how to um...slow things down? And also, how do YOU get poop stains out of blankets?