The Birds & The Bees.

Jude stumbles into the kitchen after his nap.

"Hey, buddy," I say. "How did you get so cute?"

"God made me that way," he says. "Can I have a snack?"

"Sure," I say. And then, just for fun, "But Jude? How did God make you?" 

He peers up at me. "I came out of Daddy's loins, Mommy," he says.

Oh my word. Loins?

"I see., what--what are loins, Jude?"

"This," he says and points to his chest.

Well, that's a relief! I hand him his snack. He shuffles to the living room and plops himself down on the couch. He crunches on his animal cookies for a moment and then looks at me.

"But you know how God can do anything?" he says.


"Well," he says, between bites, "first He made me invisible." CRUNCH. "Then He took me out of Daddy's loins." CRUNCH, CRUNCH. "Then He put me inside of you and that's where I growed!"


And that, my friends, is the story I'm sticking with, too.