The Twins @ 9 Months.


Both twins are crawling perfectly now. Jorie likes to sit on her bottom, Jasie prefers sitting on her knees. Jorie began pulling herself up into a standing position and Jasie did the same thing a week later. In the morning when I come into their room, they are both standing in their cribs grinning happily at me.


They are interacting with each other more everyday. I was holding Jasie last week while looking down at Jorie in her crib. Every time Jorie tried to pull herself up, Jasie would burst into laughter at her and try to pat her head. Jorie would fall down and Jasie would shriek with delight.

When crawling on the floor, they crawl right over each other, sometimes laying on each other and pulling each other's hair, grabbing ears, patting foreheads. They are pretty rough and sometimes, this ends in one or both crying. But they get over it soon enough and are back to playing with each other again in minutes. Last week they pulled each other's hair ribbons out. Jorie reached over and pulled the little bow out of Jasie's hair and then Jasie reached over and yanked Jorie's headband off. Hoo, boy. This could get dangerous. I have baby-proofed their room and installed a child-proof gate at the top of the stairs.


Both twins have two bottom teeth now. I am starting them on finger foods this month. They both say, "Mama!" and clap their hands. Sometimes Jorie purses her lips to give me "kisses." Jorie is physically stronger than Jasie. Jasie is more sensitive and cries longer and harder over little things. It's amazing to watch their individual personalities develop as they grow together.

They both fill my days with  matchless joy.