3rd Presidential Debate.

McCain needed to do well last night. And he did. Libs will call it an act of desperation. The truth is, McCain's a great fighter.

He was solid on the issues, kept a pleasant face and wasn't afraid to go after Sen. Obama's shape-shifting "eloquence." I was particularly bothered by Sen. Obama's continual laughter. Every time he disagreed with McCain, he would get this huge smile and turn his head away from McCain.

Obama supporters will no doubt approve of this reaction. After all, "the old man" is out of touch, right?  But imagine how the mainstream media would excoriate McCain if he snickered and snorted every time Obama was speaking. At the very least they would call it disrespectful. At the worst, they would call McCain a racist. Oh, wait. They already have.

One of McCain's best lines was: "If you wanted to run against George W. Bush, you should have done so four years ago."

Until now, no-one ever mistook McCain's policies or positions for Bush's. Now, it's politically expedient to align McCain with Bush, to pretend McCain is "more of the same." It's unfair. And with ACORN's help, unfairness just might win Obama this election. Heh.

Did this debate change anyone's mind? I doubt it.

As an unashamed one-issue voter, I know that if Sen. Obama is elected, Roe v. Wade will be permanent. As a mother, this breaks my heart. As a citizen, it makes me fear for my country.

Some have said that the Civil War was a reckoning for the injustice of slavery.

What will the reckoning be for the injustice that is abortion?

I shudder to imagine it. Lord, have mercy on us.