7 Quick Takes Friday.

A brief behind-the-scenes snapshot of my life this week, per Jennifer's Quick Take Challenge.

1. Went to the doctor this week to find out why I'm feeling so sluggish, down, exhausted. Do I have cancer? Am I dying? Am I depressed? No. Apparently, I'm just tired. Rats. The one thing I don't have time for is rest.

2. Decided that chivalry is officially dead. I splurged and went to Starbucks this week where the barista threw a cup tray at me when I asked for one. He didn't look at me, just chucked it at me like: here ya go, lady, now get outta my way.  I know I'm just a bedraggled mom of 5, but DUDE, does that mean I'm not worth common courtesy? I could say this to the guy who stole my spot at the gas pump, too. Just zipped in with his spiffy little sports car and cut me off---after I'd been waiting there for several minutes. WHAT-to-the-EVAH!

Did I respond, you ask? To the guy in the sports car--no. He wasn't worth my time. To the barista who was actually being PAID to provide service? Yeah. I smiled very nicely and said very slowly (and loudly--so everyone else could hear)--"THANKS FOR THE TRAY!" I also didn't leave a tip.

3. My baby-sitter almost took a better paying job this week. I don't blame her. The new job paid more for less work.  I swallowed my panic and told her she should take it, that I couldn't match it and that I totally understood. But, thanks be to God, she said she would stay on for 6 more months. Disaster averted. Sanity maintained. Barely.

4. Have delayed getting flu shots. Last time we got flu shots I got horribly sick. The kids did, too. But this year I might try again. What do you think?

5. Boys in fourth grade are getting worse each year. Jewel comes home with horror stories. Since when did "sexy" become an acceptable adjective, part of the daily vernacular, and NOT considered harrassment?

6. Bought three pairs of deeply discounted jeans this week. For myself. I'm still wearing maternity clothes even though I've lost most of the weight (except for that last pesky 10 lbs.). It's amazing what a new pair of jeans and some lipstick does for a woman. Who knows? I might even start blow drying my hair again.

7. Watched the Bill Ayers interview on Good Morning America today. Please, President Obama, please don't appoint Mr. Ayers as Secretary of Education. If that happens, I'm absolutely pulling all my kids out of PS and at long last, becoming a homeschool mom. No questions asked.