I went to bed with the sting of disappointment. I woke with joy. The children are still sleeping, the house is dark, outside the sprinklers just sprang to life--watering my lawn, my plants, my flowers.

I have a hot cup of coffee, here, and I'm wearing one of Matt's comfy pull-over sweaters. It's a new day and I can't wait to meet it.

In a moment I'm going to turn on the oven--cinnamon rolls for breakfast. It's a chilly morning here in Southern California (does 55 degrees count as chilly? hee hee) and I want the children to have a hot breakfast before school. The babies are stirring in their cribs, babbling to each other in their shared, secret language.

My thoughts and heart are turning toward home. Plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations, service projects for the needy in our community. I have nothing but gratitude and hope in my heart today.

Time for a second cup of coffee....and off to start my day! Let's get to work. YES, WE CAN! (Did I just say that?)