Why I'm Not Stockpiling.

At the beginning of 1988, I was 10. Me me and all my fundamentalist Christian friends were pretty sure Jesus would come back that year. We talked about it at lunch-time while eating whole-grain sandwiches from brown paper bags. Some of our parents were already stockpiling food and water because y'know, if The Rapture happened, some of us would be Left Behind.

I was worried that I might get Left Behind. But I felt really bad for the kids carrying Punky Brewster lunchboxes and listening to Madonna. They didn't stand a chance.

Well, to our complete shock (and our parents' disappointment?), 1988 came and went. Somehow, we were all still here. The only bad thing was that Ronald Reagan was no longer President.

So, the stockpiled food had to be donated to The Goodwill, the stale water poured into the flower beds. Life went on and for the first time in my childhood, I treasured the hope that I might live to be...a teenager!

When I turned 13, I thought: well, I'll never live long enough to get married. Jesus will come back before that, for sure!

Well, I got married. I had children. I even survived Stockpiling Fever Part 2: Y2K!

All this to say, I know some folks are worried that an Obama Presidency is, well...The End? Or at least, the Beginning of the End?

Fear not. After all, it's been The Beginning of The End for 2,000+ years!

But more importantly, God is in control. I need to tell myself this because yeah, I'm a little worried. Not about Obama, really. But everything else going on: the war, the bailout, abortion, taxes, my leaking shower.

When I was a little girl, my Dad would comfort me by saying: "Elizabeth, God is not worried. He's not wringing His hands wondering how it's all gonna work out."

I always laughed at this because it was funny to imagine God pacing the floors of Heaven, worrying about stuff on Earth. And as I've grown older, I've learned how to better trust my Heavenly Father because I can recount the many times in my life that He has watched over me.

I've also realized that time spent worrying is time wasted. Just think: I could have been enjoying my childhood instead of worrying about The Rapture!

So, instead of stockpiling, I'm smiling. God is good. I'm thankful to be alive. And FINALLY, this Election is almost over! YAYAYAYAY!!!!