7 Quick Takes

Playing along with Jen F. again! Because it's Friday and it's fun.

1. Two weeks ago, we cut back our sitters' hours. I found myself scramblingto reorganize schedules, chores and errands. At first I was completely overwhelmed. But things are better now. The older children are definitely doing their part. They share vacuuming, sweeping, dish-washing, table-setting, room tidying and trash duties. It's challenging but we're working together, pulling as a team. That makes all the difference.

2. Finished trimming the Christmas tree. I waited until the local craft store held a 60% off sale and then bought more ornaments, berry picks and silk poinsettias to build on our "Red & Gold" theme. I had a little help from my sitter who barged in and demanded, "Ju tink deese es pretty?" Umm...I guess not? "Ju hass to let me feex eet," she said. I let her fix it and then she told me she was going off to Church to pray for me. I suppose my decorating skills are in dire need of prayer. Her skills, however, totally rock:


3. Am keeping up the beauty regimen. I dressed cute and did my hair & makeup every day this week. I had forgotten how empowering it feels to wear lipstick. I think I actually get more done when I dress nicely. My family appreciates it, too. I guess I didn't realize how my looking put together could have such a positive effect on them. Perhaps it shows them that I care about this important job I do? Whatever the reason, I'm motivated!

4. Sir Milton has become quite the Biblical dog. He now waits patiently between the twins' chairs for food to fall, just like St. Mark 7:28 says, "yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs."  We're proud of our holy, little doggie.

5. The kids wrote their letters to Santa Claus this week. I was shocked to read Jewel's letter---she doesn't want toys. She wants....facial cleansers. And perfume. And clothes. Um...WHEN did she grow up? And WHO gave her permission to do that? Yikes.

6. I was wrapping some gifts and accidentally left out the wrapping paper. Jewel saw this and said, "Um, Mom? Isn't that kind of obvious?" I guess if we're gonna believe in Santa Claus around here, I should at least make an attempt to hide the wrapping paper, huh?

7. While driving Jude and the twins to the park, I turned up the volume on some great R&B.

"Work it, Jude!" I shouted. "Work it LIKE YOU OWN IT!"

In the rearview mirror, I could see his face get all serious. I turned down the music.

"What is it, Jude?" I asked.

"Mommy," he said, earnestly, "if I'm going to work it like I own it, I will have to get out of my car-seat."

Absolute best laugh of the week.

Have a great weekend, everybody!