A Holly, Jolly Cough-Mas.

All I got for Christmas was the tummy flu. Well, that's not ALL I got--but it was the biggest thing. Funny, tummy flu wasn't on my list. I would have gladly taken a lump of coal instead. But that's not how Santa works, I guess. Hey, Santa, was this a hint? Was I naughty this year?

The celebrations continued without me. I lay in bed groaning and moaning while the children swirled around, shrieking and exclaiming over their loot.

There is an upside to this. There will be no post-Christmas letdown because the tummy flu is about as low as it gets, I think. And I got that on Christmas Eve.

The other upside is: I lost weight!

Maybe it wasn't such a bad Christmas after all.

And now I'm reeeeally going on a blog break. I promise. Maybe.