Advent Prayers.


It's so easy to become hurried and anxious during the Christmas season. It can become particularly stressful during tough economic times. This year I am reminding myself that only a few things are needful. Only one, really: to prepare my heart for Christ Jesus.

Jude sang about this during his first Christmas concert:

What shall we do to get ready for Christ Jesus?
We shall pray.
Each and every day.

I found a lovely website, Praying Advent, that offers prayers and Scripture readings for each day of this advent season. It's a simple way to bring the true meaning of Christmas into our every day family life.


For so many, Christmas is a secular holiday. Christ has no place in their "winter celebrations." Our family is inviting Christ into our home every day this Advent season through Scripture and prayer.

I am making a personal request this Christmas (family and friends, listen up!). I do not want gifts or presents for myself.  I don't need anything. Instead, I am making several charitable gifts for others. I am so happy about this! And I feel so freeeeeeee. 

The only gift I request from my family and friends is their time. Spending time together is what I love most. 

All I want for Christmas is quiet, meaningful time together.