New Year's (Non-Binding) Resolutions.

I can't think of one resolution that I've ever kept. So this year, I'm not making any. At least, nothing official.

I am thinking about cutting back on yelling at bad drivers on the freeway. Shoot, I'm thinking about cutting back on driving, period. I hate driving--especially freeways. I vote we go back to horse and buggy.

I'd like to lose some weight. But as I figure it, that Christmas tummy flu was better than a diet. I'll wait to diet again until I gain back the pounds I just lost.

I'll probably get rid of my landline this year. Most everyone calls me on my cell phone now. When the phone rings at home I automatically assume it's a sales call. Or the Church of Scientology. They've had my phone number for the past FIVE YEARS and they keep calling asking for a John Maher. They all claim to be a personal friend of John's. Either John has a lot of personal friends who haven't called him in five years or they're lying. I'm playing it safe and getting rid of my landline. Let someone else answer calls from L. Ron Hubbard and his alien friends.

I want to exercise more. In fact, every time I feel like yelling at bad drivers on the 5, I'll just get out and start walking. Nothing says eco-friendly mama like a brisk walk with five children in tow. With all the bad traffic around here, I'll probably get to my destination faster anyway.

I'm giving up diaper bags this year. No more bags stuffed full of every conceivable baby product. If we forget something, oh well. No kid ever died from lack of a pacifier.

I'm going to use text messaging as my primary means of communicating with my husband. No more of this "how are you?" phone call stuff. Now everything is gonna be: CU@5? Kewl. Brng food.

Isn't that romantic? I think so.

I want to cook more at-home meals this year and finish my sewing projects. We'll see how that goes.

There's one resolution I think I can keep. I'll try to keep blogging. This is my 669th post. For a girl who quits hobbies as a hobby, this is nothing short of miraculous.

I can only hope you'll keep reading. I won't make you commit to that, though. That would be binding. And if there's anything that sets you up for failure, it's a promise you can't keep.

Just say hello every now and then. That'd be nice.

C U nxt yr? BB4N!