The 24 Hour Outfit: a mom's best friend

This post lovingly dedicated to all new moms everywhere.

"So, uh, Mom? You gonna wear your jammies to the grocery store?" my fashion-conscious middle-schooler asks me.

"Technically, sweetheart, these aren't jammies," I reply. "They're yoga pants."

"Yeah, but you wore them to bed last night."


"And you wore that T-shirt to bed last night, too."


"So. Jammies."

"Nope. It's called dressing in advance. I simply got dressed for today last night. It totally saved me like 10 minutes this morning."

My daughter, she does not appreciate the fine art of the 24 Hour Outfit. Do you know what I'm talking about? This is the outfit that multitasks like it's on a triple non-fat latte. And it looks a little something like this:

BOTTOMS: cute yoga pants. Comfy in bed, comfy in carpool lane. NOTE: must not be confused with patterned jammie bottoms.

TOP: long-waisted T-shirt. Double points if it has a built-in bra.

HOODIE SWEATSHIRT: preferably something sorta hip/cute that you can use to coverup leaky boobs and spilled baby food.

KICK-OFF SHOES: this is important. Shoes that require use of your hands in order to put them on? Out of the question. I'm referring to Toms shoes, lined Crocs, slip-on ballet flats.

As for makeup, my personal mantra is: lipgloss covers a multitude of sins. If all else fails?! LIPGLOSS!

And remember, if ANYONE accuses you of wearing your jammies out of the house? Just smile, smack your freshly glossed lips and say:

These aren't my jammies! This is my 24 hour outfit, baby!

[special thanks to Christa & Frandy for their inspiration and for TOTALLY getting it. xo.]