Friday Links n' Thinks

Here are some pieces I've enjoyed reading this week. Taylor Stevens was born into a religious cult (Children of God) before breaking free. Her first book, The Informationist, will be published this month. Vogue magazine interviewed her about her book and her past. Even though my childhood cult was nowhere near as fanatical as Children of God, the insights she shares resonated deeply with me.

Natalie Portman won Best Actress at the Oscars and thanked her "beautiful love" for giving her the most important role of her life--motherhood. Portman was immediately slammed by a critic for "undercutting" her professional achievement, quoting a tweet from another woman: "Like, my garbageman could give you your greatest role in life, too, lady." And people still think there's NOT a cultural devaluation of mothers and the importance of mothering?

Jo Ashline is a new columnist for the OC Register and her piece about special needs families and grieving what isn't to embrace what is will bring you to tears. If you or someone you know is the parent of a special needs child (Jo's son has autism, epilepsy and cystic fibrosis), you will want to read this heartfelt, courageous, beautiful column.

Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz are still awaiting trial for allegedly beating their adopted daughter, Lydia, to death using the "Biblical chastisement" methods of Mike and Debi Pearl. Their trial date has been moved to April 11th. Please pray for justice and that the abusive child-training methods of No Greater Joy Ministry will be exposed and held to account. (If you haven't heard about this case, I wrote about my first-hand experience with the "Biblical child-training" of Mike & Debi Pearl).

Lastly, don't forget! Tomorrow is THE SATURDAY EVENING BLOG POST! Find your favorite post from February and get ready to share it here! :)