My week in pictures

I dyed my hair Black-Violet and got purple feather extensions. It was time for a change. I feel all dramatic and inspired now. I went to Church to pray in silence. It was cold and windy outside, but I paused for a moment to reflect with Mary. Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

It rained this week and my full-bloomed roses hung their heads, dripping fragrance and raindrops.

The rain inspired me. I took off my shoes and wandered around the puddles--dancing in rain-puddles makes me feel alive.

I played with my puppy. Being with her is like taking a pure shot of joy straight into my veins. "I'm Darby! I'm adarbable!"

This is the twins' swing in my backyard. Swinging under a bouganveilla tree is heaven, I think.

I often think rain and palm trees are an incompatible match.

I'm not happy unless I'm thinking deeply about life, love, faith, God. I want to live a meaningful life. This is my thinking face.

Something always draws me back to the Cross. The outdoor cross at St. Thomas More church in Irvine is a good place to think.

I went to BlogCrush on Thursday night at StoneFire Grill. BlogCrush is a meetup of local, OC bloggers. I pretty much had a love affair with the garlic mashed potatoes. Swoonworthy. I also loved meeting bloggers IRL. We bloggers? We know how to rock a party, yo!

We sing in the car on the way to school. The twins' current favorites are: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, Heigh-Ho, One Day My Prince Will Come and Itsy Bitsy Spider. The day always goes better when you start it with a song! JUST WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK!

I'm packing up my flip-flops and heading to Chicago next week to visit my sister. I'm going sans kids and I HATE leaving them. Say a prayer for them and for me? (I also hate flying). So. Pray that I don't start freaking out mid-flight. I'll be blogging live from Chicago next week! Yippeeeee!

What did you do this week?