Breastfeeding are great!

It's always encouraging when the next generation of mothers thinks letting little girls pretend they are breastfeeding is disgusting.

As a mother who has breastfed FIVE babies, I'm particularly annoyed by childless women who make asinine comments about how breastfeeding is either a.) weird, b.) disgusting or c.) inappropriate for children to imitate. So, I had to respond:

And this was the explanation:

I'll try to remember that the next time I see a lactating six year old. And also, to all you grown women who have fake breasts and fake babies? Just remember: breastfeeding is not for you!

Apparently, the target of all this repugnance is a new "Breastfeeding Doll." Because YES! Let's get OUTRAGED and DISGUSTED by dolls that encourage and promote the disgusting, unnatural, how-dare-they-do-that-in-public act of breastfeeding. Yes, this doll? This doll is totally, um, EW!

I mean, what's next for Inappropriate Children's Toys? Dolls that promote dressing like prostitutes?! Oh, wait. My bad.

But I'm being unfair. I shouldn't really expect Ms. O'Nizzle to know the first O'Thizzle about breastfeeding. I mean, if the skimpy photos on her site are any indication, Ms. O'Nizzle thinks breasts are primarily for showzizzle.

Thank you...feminism?

At least things ended well between me and Ms. O'Nizzle:

Yes, I think we can all agree that breastfeeding are great. And so is grammar. But I digress.

The last thing I'll say is that women have worked hard to erase our culture's embarrassment about breastfeeding.

So, until this Cosmopolitan TV blogger is a mother herself, maybe she should leave us breastfeeding mothers alone and stick to her day job: opining about important things like how playing ping-pong is fun (especially when fueled by free booze!)

Namaste, indeed.