Gettin' down with my organized self

Every once in awhile I'll get all frantic and fed up with myself (GOALS! I HAVE NO GOALS!) and decide that what really needs to happens arounds heres is to Get Organized. These frenetic surges of spontaneous organization are usually precipitated by seeing another mom who, say, carries around a little planner and would never dream of wearing her Distraught Pants out of the house.

That mom, I tell myself, must be so organized her pits don't even sweat unless it's on her To-Do list. In her cute little planner.

So, in the classic, time-honored tradition of How ENFPs Get Organized: I ran out and bought a little planner. Because, you know, buying a planner makes an ENFP feel all organized even if she hasn't actually done anything to put her life in order.

And, like the distractible, wheeeee-this-is-fun ENFP that I am, I started decorating my new, little planner. I filled in all the personal information in my cutest, most whimsical handwriting. I personalized the front of my planner with a picture of my twins.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I was feeling so! so! so! organized!

But then my twins saw my snappy little planner. And they saw their picture on the front. And they were like: "Oh, wookit! That's us!"

Twinslation= "That's our picture! Therefore, this planner is ours!"

So, they happily started filling in my calendar for me.

It's good to know that on December 27, 2011 I'll be doing something that involves a lot of zeroes. My guess? I'll be winning the lottery that day. Good timing, it being two days after Christmas and all. Wait. I don't even play the lottery.


This organizing thing is really difficult.

Let's go make mud-pies instead.