Zombie Novel Chapter 1: "Feeding Time" (part 3)

Here is the third and final part of Chapter 1. Don't forget tomorrow is Saturday Evening Blog Post! Come share your favorite post from the last month and meet new friends! --------------------------------------

Jeremy turned back to the guards, pleading now. The Director stalked away and got back into his truck. The zombies were closing in on Jeremy and he began running, dodging away and across the barrack yard. Jeremy’s cries were lost in the growing roar of the zombies’ bloodthirsty screams. Orton felt like he would be sick. He took one final picture. The Director’s truck was making a reverse turn, preparing to come back up the hill.

Orton grabbed his gear and ran hard. The woods swallowed him up. He pounded down the gravel lane, the darkness nearly impenetrable. Behind him, he could hear the growl of The Director’s truck. Orton He wouldn’t get to his car in time. He had to hide again. Orton leapt into the deep brush of the woods and lay flat, his heart pounding wildly in his ears. The faint roar of the zombies was still audible. Orton retched into the leaves.

The Director’s truck passed in a spray of gravel, speeding down the hill. Orton lay quiet until he was sure the truck was gone. Carefully, he pulled himself up, wiped his mouth with the back of his sweatshirt and trotted down the lane. He found the rental car and started it up, keeping the headlights off. Using only his flashlight out the window, he guided the car down the hill and toward the back road.

There was no way he could stop in town now. He had to get back home to Evangeline—before her father did.