Casey Anthony Not Guilty: (un)reasonable doubt?

This is why it's called reasonable doubt: in America, we simply don't dole out the death penalty for bad character, dysfunctional family life or suspicious circumstantial evidence. Yes, Casey Anthony may have been a thief, an irresponsible party-girl and a liar. Yes, the Anthony family is severely and horrifically dysfunctional.

But does this mean Casey Anthony murdered her daughter? The prosecution couldn't prove this beyond reasonable doubt.

And that's why Casey Anthony was found not guilty.

What we do know is that little Caylee Anthony is dead and that her blood still cries out for justice.

Who will answer for her murder?

I have to say, I was surprised by the verdict. The whole situation seemed tragically ugly. I wasn't convinced that Casey had murdered her daughter, but I did think she was involved in whatever had gone terribly wrong--an accident, perhaps? A sloppy coverup?

The fact that Casey partied during the month her daughter was missing? I actually thought maybe that was her way of grieving. Grief is an odd, unpredictable beast. People's reactions to grief are as varied as each individual. Maybe she was truly overwhelmed with grief and was drowning her sorrows in drunkenness? Wild partying certainly isn't befitting a bereft mother, but it still doesn't make her a murderer.

Ultimately, we may never know what happened to Caylee and there might be no justice for her this side of Heaven. And that's what really breaks my heart, here.

What do you think?