Friday Links n' Thinks

1. "I did not say she was innocent," says Jennifer Ford, 32 year-old nursing student and juror on the Casey Anthony case who broke her silence on Wednesday. "I just said there is not enough evidence." An interesting and heartbreaking account. 2. Casey Anthony to be released next week. Why does this feel so wrong?

3. Harvard study shows childhood patriotic celebrations on 4th of July sway people toward voting Republican as adults. If this is true, might we expect a rise in liberals calling for restriction/banning of patriotic songs and symbols?

4. Catholic Church interested in Crystal Cathedral. The Crystal Cathedral is in bankruptcy and the Diocese of Orange has been looking to build a cathedral to serve the needs of 1.2 million Catholics in Orange County. I would love to see this happen!

5. Home births are up 20% in U.S. "Birthing at home gives [women] a chance to set the tone and surround themselves with a support group of friends and family while getting care from midwives and doulas." I think this is a fantastic trend. If I ever get pregnant again, I'm TOTALLY doing a home-birth.

6. How to plot revenge on your children: "Walk into the living room at 8:40pm and announce that I have a big project due the next day and need to go to the store for supplies." Such a funny piece on the little and big frustrations of motherhood.

7. Bloggers, charities and the question of poverty tourism. "I recognize that story-telling is a vital aspect of change." I just love Kristen Howerton and the way she thinks. In my secret, dream-life I'm a family therapist just like her.

8. Summer Fun: Making "Hippie Headbands." My real-life friend, Carrie, is always coming up with fun, crafty ideas. I pretty much NEVER make anything, but I like watching her come up with fun stuff like this. I think I'm a vicarious crafter.

9. To My Future Wife: "I don't tell you enough how much in love I am with the vastness of your faith." The ever-earnest Preston Yancey wrote a profound and touching letter to his future wife. Definitely worth a read.

10. Welcoming in July: "The rain is now a mist. The sun stretching its rays above us." I think I might be in love with BohoGirl. She's so in touch with her feelings. I wish I was like that. Every time I'm feeling stressed out or upset, I go to her blog. It's like a hug. I always feel like I can soak myself in love and her non-judgmental approach to life. Her blog is a rare gift. Go scroll through it.