I'll fly away

We're just a few minutes away from boarding our plane to Bolivia. I've taken my high-altitude medication and am feeling slightly jittery. I also have to pee like every 15 minutes--which should be fun on the plane, yes? The funny thing about traveling is that, well, unexpected things happen. My carry-on was too full and I had to re-shuffle my suitcases at the last minute while standing next to the ticketing counter (oh, my poor little tidy Clothing Bundles!!). Then I landed in Chicago and somehow my bag didn't stay on the plane...which meant I had to wait an hour in Miami for my bag to arrive on another flight. This is not to mention the 55 minute wait on the tarmac after landing in Miami.

Flexibility! That's my word for today.

At one point during my flight into Miami, my heart was seized with the sudden thought that I have never been this far away from my children. The miles seemed, suddenly, endless. Homesickness swept over me.

And then I remembered the words  of comfort that my priest spoke to me a couple days ago when I was in Confession: "Find little things to enjoy."

So, that's what I did. I looked out at the clouds drifting by my plane window. I counted all the things I was grateful for that day--not least of which? TUMS for my trembly tummy.

And now, we're just outside the gate, waiting to board. We're all making last-minute phone calls, checking in with our families....

Me, too.

See you in Bolivia, friends!

(pray for a safe flight into La Paz!)