Putting twin toddlers to bed

*8pm: I need a dwink. I need anutha dwink. I need a go potty. I need a go poo-poo. I need juice. Where's my teddy-bear? I don't wike the blankie dat way! I want the fan on! How comes my light isn't on? IT'S DARK IN HERE! Where's the music? I want my dollie! No, not THAT dolly! I wanna sleep with you! Why can't I marry Daddy? (Beginning sobs) But I WANNA marry DADDY! (Sudden switch of subjects) Daddy, what's wrong wif your face? It's pokey. What's a beard? (Laughter) BEARD! Ha ha ha. Daddy has a bearrrrd. Well, when I was sick I has a beaver. I HAS A BEAVER! Yeah, a beaver 'cuz I was all hot. Oh. A fever? YEAH, I has a fever! I'm so sick! I need a sleep wif you. BUT WHY?? (sobs) I'm scared in here! An' I has a fever! (melodramatic sobbing) I be quiet! I sweep quiet on da floor in yo room! But I don't WANNNA get in trouble! I WANNNNNA be a good girl! I'm a good girl, see? SEE? I smile! An' I gives kisses! (kissing sounds, hugs, outstretched arms). *8:15pm: Thank you, Mommy! We like sleeping in YOUR bed.