Choosing Adalid

I sponsored Adalid because he was the first face that popped up when I decided to sponsor a child. I didn't want to pick and choose. I just wanted to help. When I met him, I realized Someone else had chosen Adalid for me. Adalid just happens to be an aspiring writer.

The average annual income for families like Adalid's is $450/year. There is no school near Adalid, so he walks an hour (each way) to school every day. When he showed me how he writes his name, I was astounded. His penmanship is exquisite. When he heard I was coming to visit, Adalid asked his mother every day if this was the day we would meet. He stayed home from playing with his friends just to be sure he wouldn't miss it. He spent several minutes carefully examining each person in the framed family picture I'd brought for him.

Adalid is one of six children. All his other siblings have been sponsored. He was the last one waiting for a sponsor. He got me--another aspiring writer. :) I think the letters we'll write each other will be quite the literary correspondence, don't you think?

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