CNN investigates Mike & Debi Pearl, the Lydia Schatz spanking death and the "Biblical child-training" book "To Train Up a Child"

I am so thankful CNN is investigating the spanking death of Lydia Schatz. Right after Lydia was murdered, I wrote a piece called: "How many children must die before Mike & Debi Pearl are held accountable?" I witnessed firsthand the kind of horrific abuse that so easily happens when parents use the Pearls "Biblical chastening" method. I attended meetings where their book was discussed and spanking techniques were taught. The interview with Mike & Debi Pearl is horrifyingly eye-opening. Please. If anyone at your church is passing around "To Train Up A Child," please stand up and say no. Lydia is not the first child to die as a result of her parents using Mike & Debi Pearl's methods. I pray she is the last. #NoMoreDeadKids And thank you, Anderson Cooper, for sharing this story.