I asked God to break my heart (and a bittersweet announcement)

I wrote a piece for The Orange County Register about my trip to Bolivia. They are graciously running it online, in print and on their iPad app. You can read it here: I Asked God to Break My Heart. This is the last column I will write for the OC Register. The trip to Bolivia changed my entire life and I've been re-examining everything, figuring out where to go from here. I want to open more time in my schedule for volunteer work. I've also decided that the most efficient use of my writing time is best dedicated solely to this blog. Additionally, I would love to write a book. I simply can't do that when my writing schedule is stretched too tightly. So, I've decided to let my column go. That said, I'm deeply grateful to my lovely editor, Roxanne Hack, for her inspiration and encouragement. The OC Register will always have a special place in my heart. And thank you to everyone who read and supported me along the way. This is a bittersweet ending. But I'm hopeful for new beginnings. Much love. xo, EE.