Another Dead Child: Hana Grace-Rose Williams, age 13. (Parents owned book "To Train Up a Child")

Hana Grace-Rose Williams, an Ethopian child adopted into a Christian homeschooling family, died on May 12, 2011 because her parents starved her, abused her and left her outside on a cold night. Her parents have just been charged with murder. Just another case of everyday child abuse?

Not hardly.

A witness told investigators that Hana's parents owned the "child-training" manual To Train Up a Child.

But that's not all.

Here are the other similarities between the deaths of Lydia Schatz & Hana Grace-Rose:

  • Beating with long, plastic tube (Mike & Debi Pearl advocate spanking a child with plastic plumbing supply line)
  • Large, Christian, homeschooling family living on secluded property
  • Parents own the Pearl "child-training" manual To Train Up a Child
  • Nobody suspects a thing--in Lydia's case, family friends were unaware of the abuse taking place. In Hana's case, a detective reported that the house was "exceptionally clean and organized."
  • Both Lydia & Hana were adopted

So, is this really all coincidence? Are these really just isolated cases with no recognizable pattern?

I wonder how many more children must die before Mike & Debi Pearl are held accountable?

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Please. We must stop Mike & Debi Pearl before more children die. Tweet this post. Share it on FB. Tweet the hashtag #NoMoreDeadKids. Talk to your pastor. Ask him/her to tell parents not to buy or use this book. If you are in the Christian homeschooling community, then I'm sure you've seen and heard about "To Train Up a Child." Please help me speak out. Be courageous! Children are dying. Your bravery may save a child's life.