Are you going to #Relevant11? Do we read each other's blogs? Want to make sure we meet? Link up here!

So, here's the thing. Relevant is my first major blog conference. Last month I went to a local blog conference (Blog Sugar) and something weird happened: a bunch of people knew me but didn't approach me (maybe I look different in real life than I do online?). And then I didn't recognize a bunch of people because THEY looked different in real life than they did online. It was weird because after the conference, all these people on Twitter and FB were like: "It was great to see you at Blog Sugar!"---and I didn't even remember SEEING THEM.

Basically I came away feeling like because I'm an idiot at recognizing people, I missed some major opportunities to meet people in real life whose blogs I really loved. Also, maybe my bold, extraverted personality comes off as intimidating? I promise I don't bite! :D

So, here's my proposal to you. Let's do our homework on each other. If you're going to Relevant next week and would like to meet me--I want to meet YOU! I want to get to know you more before we meet. I want to scroll through your blog posts. I want to study up on your life and look at your picture so that maybe I will recognize you IRL--not only that I'll be able to match your face to your stories.

Sound good?

Then leave a link to your About page in the linky form below!

If you want to get fancier, then create a new post on your blog filled with a bunch of links to your favorite posts. Then come back here and paste the link to that compilation post (not your home page) in the linky form.

I'll start:

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Esther and I'm going to the Relevant blog conference. This is me with the two boys I sponsor in Bolivia:

And here's a little about me:

I found the unconditional love of God in Catholicism and this is how Mary brought me back to Jesus. I was raised inside an abusive fundamentalist church which is why I still struggle with going to church. But despite all that, I'm actually an extraverted fun-loving, zany, singing show tunes, dithering, ENFP goofball.

Now, it's your turn! Go write your compilation post and then link to it here! Be sure to include a picture of yourself in the body of your post!

Alternatively, if you're not in the mood for creating a whole new post? Just leave a link to your about page in this linky form! :)