My appearance on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show airs this Friday, Dec. 2nd #NoMoreDeadKids

A few weeks ago I was invited to Anderson Cooper's national daytime talk show to share how I was prepared for parenthood by being indoctrinated into the abusive "child-training" methods of Michael & Debi Pearl. I shared my firsthand account about how these inherently abusive methods were implemented in my fundamentalist church, how I came to reject this parenting philosophy and why I started speaking up on behalf of children. My segment on Anderson's show airs this Friday, December 2nd.

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To read a preview of my appearance with Michael Pearl on the show, click here.

It was extremely difficult for me to sit next to Michael Pearl on that couch. I did break down and cry right there on the show. But I was also deeply thankful for the opportunity to speak on behalf of hurting children who are being abused in the name of God. Thank you, Anderson Cooper, for investigating and bringing awareness to this hidden evil.

And thank you, my beloved readers, for your support. I hope you'll watch the show, encourage your friends and family to watch the show and consider spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and your blogs. I believe in you, my reading community.

Let's be the voice for hurting children who are being harshly abused in the name of God. And let's be the change--modeling gentle, grace-based parenting.