The end of my 12 year shift as an at-home mom

I got a job. I know.

Like, what?

Yeah. I got a job outside my house. As in, I dress up, clock in and get paid in actual dollars. It boggles the mind.

I haven't worked outside my home in 12 years. I have been at home with my babies and I can truly say I've loved every single minute. Well, most minutes. Some minutes have just plain sucked (barfing, feverish twin babies anyone?), but overall---I have LOVED being an at-home mother.

I've changed diapers for eleven years straight. I pretty much rock at diaper changing. Nothing in a diaper intimidates me. I've seen it all, smelled it all and yeah--even tasted it all (thank you projectile diarrhea shooting into my mouth!).

But all my babies are potty-trained and in school now. Thing is? I'm not one to sit around the house polishing sinks into a sparkly shine. I'm not a shiny-sink person, I'm a sparkly people person. I like to make a par-TAY!

Also? Since giving away all my clothes--I'm in dire need of clothes. So, I got a job at a cute little dress shop where I'll be working part-time making women feel beautiful (and moderately restocking my own wardrobe at a discounted price!). WOOT!

Today I worked a 6 hour shift and I gotta be honest: it was a PIECE OF CAKE compared to staying home and raising 5 kids all day. Not only that, it was f-u-n. (p.s. I got to take BREAKS and pee in peace without some child banging down the door demanding fruit snacks. Again, it boggles the mind).

I smiled, I chatted, I worked the floor. I sparkled, people. I sparkled!

You know what else is odd? After working that shift, I felt more sane and happy than I have in, um, a very long time. Here's why I think this is: it's not good for someone with my personality to be shut up inside her house all day. Do you know how I know this?

Because after I got off work I checked my email and some dude had left me this super patronizing, belittling blog comment on the Internetz and I honestly couldn't have cared less. I was like: pfffft! What-ev!

And sparkled on through my day.

Back in the day (as in: last week), my at-home self would have probably obsessed and agonized over that lame comment. I would have hashed through it repeatedly. I would have checked back again and again to see if there were further negative comments. I would have felt my blood pressure rising.

But today? I just laughed, rolled my eyes and moved.on.

Which reminded me: the world is much bigger than the Internetz. I need to stop taking myself so seriously and love my life more often.

The best part? When I picked up my kids from school today I was so happy to see them and they were so happy to see me. One of the twins even said: "Oh, Mommy! Yer so booootiful! Yer wips have wipstick on thems!"

Happiness begets happiness.