Yo, yo, yo! Give it up for: "Book Burning Thugz" aaaaand "Enemeeez of da Troof!"

Let me introduce you to my party people in da club. According to No Great Joy Ministries, those of us who are speaking out against Michael Pearl are "enemies of the truth" and "book burning thugs."

Enemies of The Truth? Book Burning Thugs?

Aw, come on, now. That ain't right. According to my Street Lexicon, these names appear as: Enemeez of da Troof and Book Burning Thugz. (I personally prefer Book Burning Thugz. But y'all can call me BBT for short.)

Oopsie-daisy. I'm guessing someone over at No Greater Joy made a wittle mistake in translation. Enemies of the Truth? That's sooooo not "The Authorized" 1611 King James Version!

Before we start name-calling, let's break it down from DA ORIGINAL GREEK, yo. I mean, far be it from me to misinterpret this name-calling or to spread misinformation.

According to my handy concordance, the TRUE meaning behind these names are as follows....

  • In the King James Version, these names often appear as: "Truth's Enemies Hath Encamp-ed Me Round About" and "The Scoffers, They Doth Scoff."
  • Then again, if we're going to use the Amplified Version of these names, you might find "Book Burning Thugs" translated as:

BBT Diddy



And in The Message version, my gangsta name goes something like this: BBTfoshizzle!

But I mean, who takes The Message seriously, right? That's just a dumbed-down version for peeps who can't handle da TROOF, am I right?

The point is, No Greater Joy Ministries is giving me WAY too many props. They're claiming I'm part of some "coordinated attack." Dudes. I can barely coordinate my outfits. Not to mention my gangsta aliases.

But hey, if you think my Distraught Pants are all that plus a bag of chips? I ain't gonna be mad atcha!

Thug Life 4EVA, yo!

Peace out,

BBT...fo shizzle.

[full disclosure: I ain't never burned no books. Carbon emissions, people. Get widd da program.]

**addendum to the disclosure**

if you call me names, it's not disrespectful to have fun wid those names plus, also, if you send me hate mail--I'm gonna flip dat script, too. p.p.s. i wrote this because frankly? I needed a laugh. Book Burning Thugs? REALLY?!