Jewel received an email on Friday afternoon.

: :

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She has been accepted to a summer intensive with one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the U.S.A.: American Ballet Theatre! Needless to say, Jewel is beyond thrilled--and also relieved. It's one thing when Mom thinks you're a talented, beautiful dancer. It's quite another thing altogether when a world-renowned ballet company objectively approves of you. To express her joy, she went around screaming for like 10 minutes. And then she danced and pirouetted all around the house.

As for me, well, I was in shock. Then I screamed. Then I cried. And then, of course, I tweeted.

And then I got all practical and wondered just how we'd pay for it.

And then I looked at Jewel dancing around the house all sparkling pouf of joy and realized: love will make a way. I really don't know how. But I trust this crazy, unconditional, hardworking, stubborn thing called courageous love. I don't care how many toilets we have to scrub to make this happen, this dream is coming true. Thank YOU for cheering us on.