Ron Paul is my homeboy

  1. He's a real person. Which is far more than you can say for Mitt Robot-ney.
  2. He ain't no womanizer. Which is far more than you can say for Nude Gingrich.
  3. He thinks America should mind its own business.
  4. He's crazy. But he's smart-crazy. Which is far better than being religiously crazy.
  5. Yo, Newt. Maybe there wouldn't be such an "avalanche" of negative ads if you had a more positive past.
  6. Michelle Bachmann says Obama is guided by his "hardened ideology." And she's not? Hello pot. Meet kettle.
  7. Have to say, though---Rick Santorum kinda won me over (a little bit) with this quote: "People ask me what motivates me. What motivates me is the dignity of every human life." That motivates me, too.
  8. Mitt Romney's sons are freakishly good looking.
  9. To me, Ron Paul is the most believably genuine candidate in the GOP.
  10. Too bad he won't win the nomination.