Why I won't talk about politics this year (and an apology to you, my readers)

I made a mistake last week. I watched Ron Paul's post-caucus speech in Iowa and I dashed off a quick post about why he's my homeboy. I should have known better. And I owe you better than that. Please forgive me. For one thing, I didn't do my research. Ron Paul is an extremist and if there's anything my past has taught me it's that extremists are dangerous--both in religion and in politics.

Clearly, I haven't learned this yet. Why else would I be so easily suckered into dashing off an admiring post about an extremist politician? Even though I'm wary of extremists, something inside me also admires them. I don't want to feed that part of me.

The truth is, I hate politics and I love politics. I hate what politics does to people and I hate what I become when I talk about politics.

Here's the other thing: politics are sort of my idol. I get excited about politics. I get a high off writing about politics.

But it's not good for me. In the end, politics are a substitute religion and if I feed it, it will grow into monstrous proportions. I can deceive myself into thinking that God is in politics and that America is just one political victory away from returning to its Golden Past--whatever and whenever that was.

Sure, I can dash off a witty, snarky piece. But is that really what I want to write about? No. At least, not anymore.

I am heart-connection. I value my soul readers. I'm not interested in political or theological debates anymore and I owe you, my readers, something better than lame-ass, one-off, poorly researched posts on politicians.

I don't think we need more people arguing with each other over politics. I think we need more people willing to do the hard work of peace and the hard work of the Gospel. Which is, ultimately, the work of Love.

I can't do that when I'm debating politics because it puts a wall between me and a person of another political persuasion. I want to pull the walls down, not build them.

So, please forgive me. I erred from my purpose in writing by indulging a rant on politics.

Here's my promise to you: I won't write about politics this year until we get very close to the election. Then maybe I'll write one post explaining my voting decision. But that's it.

Thank you for reading, here. Thank you for your patience with me. I'm learning as I go.

I value you.