Lydia Schatz's 2 year death anniversary #NoMoreDeadKids (and look how far we've come)

When I first started blogging about the abusive child-training practices of Michael and Debi Pearl, I was--as Michael Pearl dubbed me--a small, "vocal minority." As you will see in the video below, Pearl attacked me with all kinds of scurrilous accusations. I kept speaking. I kept writing. Along with several other bloggers, we spearheaded the exposure of Michael Pearl's abusive teachings. Eventually, mainstream media picked up on the message and CNN investigated Michael Pearl. Today, two years after the death of Lydia Schatz, the world has heard our message. Anderson Cooper invited me to go on his show and explain my first-hand experience with the Pearl's methods. And just recently, Christianity Today joined our outcry and urged parents to choose other methods of child discipline.

I made this video 2 years ago and never published it because Michael Pearl's vicious attacks against me were taking their toll. I'm publishing this video today in honor of Lydia. The message in this video is just as relevant as it was 2 years ago because the Pearls continue to sell thousands of books. Children are still in danger.

I'm deeply thankful for those of you who joined me in refuting the Pearl ministry. Please continue to share our message with anyone you know who might be susceptible to their teachings.

RIP Sean, Lydia & Hana.