Day 7=Look for signs #31Days2Happy

I don't look for signs under every rock and and pebble. But! When I opened the latest Oprah magazine and found this staring at me from page 59? Well. Sometimes you have to acknowledge the obvious. Hello, Relentless Optimism! So, how's that for a little smile from God? Sometimes we need these little reminders, these little nudges that tell us we're on the right path. I don't think looking for signs makes us superstitious. It just means we have our eyes open and are willing to acknowledge these grace moments when they happen.

Too often I wait for God to display some mighty miracle that will instantly solve all my problems and make everything perfect. It's like I think God is a genie in a bottle. If I ask, He'll grant me three wishes. First, God? I'd like muscular thighs, thanks.

Instead, God usually shows up in little ways. For example, someone told me about this great running store where you can get fitted for proper shoes. I still have cellulite on my upper thighs, but now I can run without injuring myself. Now I can work out my cellulite salvation.

See, God isn't in the business of granting wishes. Like a good parent, He knows that wish-fulfillment doesn't make you a better person. It just keeps you lazy. And good parents don't do stuff for their kids that their kids can do for themselves.

So, maybe God won't magically resolve all your problems. But He's not going to leave you stranded, either. He'll send along little signs, little reminders, little dollops of grace.

It's your job to look for those signs and more importantly, acknowledge them. Afterwards, don't forget to say 'thank you.'

Happy Homework:

  • look for a sign
  • acknowledge it
  • write it down
  • say 'thank you.'