The Advice Fair-EE: "He said he loved me and then dated another girl behind my back!"

Dear Advice Fair-EE, Three months ago I met this guy. We hit it off. He asked me to be his girlfriend and even told me he loved me. But before we made our relationship official, he said wanted to hang out a few more times. Well, between the times he hung out with me,  he started dating another girl behind my back. When I talked to him about it, he said he still liked me and if things didn't work out between him and this other girl, maybe he would date me again later. I don't know if I want to wait for him. In the meantime, I've developed feelings for his best friend. Should I date him?

--Wandering in Boyland

We have names for guys like the one who told you he loved you and then dated another girl behind your back. These names are: cad, boor, womanizer. Or, in the modern vernacular: player, loser, Stupid A. Potamus. Take your pick.

You don't this dude anything. You certainly shouldn't wait around for him to come back to you. You are not leftovers. He doesn't get to stick you on the back-burner while he figures out if he digs this other chick more than you.

If you want to date his best friend, fine. But just remember that the best friend is tight with a Stupid A. Potamus. Chances are, the best friend is a Stupid A. Potamus, too.

My point is: you owe yourself more than a stupid. Aim higher.

Heartfully yours, The Advice Fair-EE

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