What ENFPs think about all day

1. Let's drop everything and have fun RIGHT NOW! 2. How can I make this relationship deeper, richer and more fulfilling?

3. Oh, I have so many things I want to say!

4. Everybody is SO interesting!

5. Glitter!

6. What dishes in the sink?

7. Oooooh! I love new projects!

8. Who says you have to finish projects? Pfft.

9. Sex is so much more fun when you use your imagination.

10. Yes, yes, yes! Let's have sex! Lots and lots of sex!

11. Wait. Where did all these babies come from?

12. Santa Claus is totally real. So are fairies. And my imaginary friend, Elenob.

13. Oh! Oh! Oh! I have this great idea!

14. What do you mean we don't have money for that?

15. Planning for things is boring. Spontaneity, that's the ticket!

16. Group hug!

17. Let's talk about our feelings.

18. How are you feeling?

19. I feel you.

20. Do you feel me?

21. Did you feel that?

22. Hi! What's your name! Let's be friends!

23. Is somebody somewhere having more fun than me right now?

24. Oh, there are so many OPTIONS! I want to try them ALL!

25. This food tastes amazing!

26. How in the world did the laundry pile get so huge????

27. Do you love me as much as I love you?

28. Oh, I'm supposed to pay that bill every month?

29. What did I do all day? NURTURED MY RELATIONSHIPS, of course!

30. Let's talk about our feelings again! This is so much FUN!


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