Dancer Passionista

"Dad's shaving cream makes me smell like a guy," my ballerina remarks one day after showering in my bathroom.

"Did you use his shaving cream on your legs?" I ask.

"There was nothing else to use!" she explains, slouching against my bedroom door--all wet, drippy hair and exasperated sighs. "I need to shave for ballet, but I don't really have a razor or shaving cream that works for me!"

I chuckle, remembering my own first attempts at shaving, perched on my mother's bathroom sink, lathering up my legs with a bar of soap. More often than not, I ended up with little red bumps and dry skin.

"I'll try and find something that'll work better for you, OK?" I say. "Maybe a razor and shaving cream made for women."

She sighs, nodding.

I clip coupons and purchase a couple different kinds of razors, hoping we'll find something that works. She tries them out but none of them seems to consistently work for her. Either the razor base is too narrow or the handle too slippery. She gets frustrated by how loosely attached the razor heads are and hates having to scramble around the shower after they accidentally pop off.

Eventually I notice she's still not shaving regularly--which is a problem when it comes to ballet. As a passionate dancer who was recently accepted to American Ballet Theatre's summer intensive, she understands the need for maintaining a clean, crisp appearance. She always wants to look her best and present a professional, serious look for her teacher.

But shaving has become an exercise in frustration. Something has to change.

This week we tried the Venus Embrace razor and Satin Care Passionista Fruit shaving gel.

At first, Jewel was skeptical. "Another razor?" she said.

"Yeah," I answered, "except this one is specifically made for new shavers."

She cocked an eyebrow, turning the razor over in its package. "I guess we can try it."

Her skepticism quickly turned to delight, especially when she smelled the shaving gel's sparkling, fruity scent.

Satin Care Passionista Fruit lathered up beautifully--without the overwhelming billows of other brands we'd tried. Jewel especially appreciated how easily the Venus Embrace razor glided through the shaving cream.

With 5 replaceable blades, a Ribbon of Moisture, and a soft grip, pink handle, the razor is designed to provide a comfortable, super close shave.

"Those other razors left behind little hairs," she said. "This one shaves really close."

Best of all, she loved the lingering apricot scent after she finished shaving.

No more smelling like a guy!

American Ballet Theatre, here she comes!

I know my daughter is starting to pay more attention to her appearance and I wanted to make sure I was there for her--helping her find a beauty regimen that worked for her.† What are some of the ways YOU tackle conversations like shaving (or other tough "firsts") with your daughter? Leave a comment to be entered for a chance win a $50 Visa gift†card, courtesy of BlogHer and Venus!

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