"Compassion can never coexist with judgment because judgment creates distance, the distinction which prevents us from really being with the other." --Henri Nouwen, The Essential Henri Nouwen

I have been very quiet here. I am deeply ensconced in book-writing. Last night I completed Chapter 6 which means I am more than halfway done...this process has taken over my entire life. I had hoped I could keep up with everything AND write a book. Not so. It is all-consuming and I am SO in it. Book writing is the purest kind of agony I've ever experienced, second only to child birth. I think this will be a short labor, though. I am way ahead of deadline. My hope is that what I birth through this book will penetrate deeply into your soul and speak to those most hidden places. My hope is that this book frees you from fear. It is freeing me right now. And so I keep on writing, writing my way into realness, writing my way to you....much love, EE.