Introducing "Right Mom/Left Mom"--changing the political climate one respectful conversation at a time!

A few months ago I was scheduled to debate a topic on Fox&Friends and the producer asked me if I knew any articulate moms who might be willing to debate the opposing side. I instantly thought of Kristen Howerton. Kristen and I live in Orange County and have been friends for several years. Although we often have differing viewpoints on political topics, I respect and admire her intelligent, gracious approach to these issues. While we were getting our makeup done at the Fox News studios, Kristen and I talked about how much fun it would be to do our own little show called "Right Mom/Left Mom." So, instead of waiting for the networks to call us, we decided to do the show ourselves. Each week we'll be discussing current political topics and current events leading up to the Presidential election in November. If you have ideas or topic suggestions, please feel free to let us know! Here is our first episode where we introduce ourselves and discuss our political leanings. Enjoy!