5 Fitness Tips for ENFPs

  1. Make it fun! ENFP's get all deflated and mopey if they don't have something fun to do or something fun to look forward to. When it comes to fitness, ENFPs need group exercise because the social interaction provides the necessary element of fun. For example, if enough people are running a 5k, an ENFP will run just to be with her friends.
  2. Set short-term goals. Telling an ENFP that exercise will increase longevity is useless. ENFPs don't think long-term. She needs something more immediately tangible; ie. exercise will help her fit into those pre-pregnancy jeans in one month!
  3. Provide positive feedback. ENFPs are motivated by affirmation and validation. They want you to notice how hard they're working. Keeping track of an ENFPs progress and then commenting on it is a surefire way to inspire an ENFP to remain committed to exercise.
  4. Accountability. ENFPs resist conformity and don't like being bossed around. However, they do appreciate honesty and being held accountable--in a way that respects their unique out-of-the-box thinking. Positive reinforcement works. Yelling doesn't.
  5. Cute outfits! ENFPs like to experiment with clothing. ENFPs shouldn't wait until they lose weight to purchase a cute exercise outfit. Purchase one immediately. Chances are, the prospect of wearing something fun and pretty will be its own source of motivation. Confession: I've hauled my ass out of bed for bootcamp JUST BECAUSE I wanted to wear the cute outfit. :)

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